RV Rental

If you’re planning on tackling a vacation, production shoot, or camping trip in the greater Salt Lake City area, you may benefit from one of our newer model RV rentals.

RV Rental Salt Lake City
RV Rental
  • Sleeps 6-8
  • Dinette Table & Sofa
  • Full Bathroom
  • Full Galley Kitchen
  • CD/Radio & TV

Reserve an RV Rental

At Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales, we offer inexpensive and modern RVs and excellent customer service to each and every one of our customers in Salt Lake City. Find out more about our RV rental options and services by contacting us at (801) 266-7368, or by filling out and submitting a reservation form online.

Rent an RV in SLC

If you aren’t one to make a habit of annual RV trips, but certainly like to indulge every once in a while, rent an RV and simplify your travels in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the country. When renting a recreational vehicle, you are provided with complete convenience without the hassles of owning. No maintenance fees or responsibilities. No insurance premiums to pay out of pocket. No storage requirements. Renting is just simpler and much more affordable for that occasional vacation to one of Utah’s campgrounds or RV parks, including the Salt Lake City KOA. Or travel to nearby Park City, Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole, WY. Plan your adventure and let us match you with the motorhome rental that will take you there.

Buy an RV

For those who do want to make a habit of regular RV vacations, purchase a lightly used rental RV at a reasonable price. Affordable Rent-A-Car guarantees that each and every vehicle offered for sale is a newer model with low mileage that has been serviced and maintained regularly and is clean and free of smoke. Buying an RV offers the best cost-to-use ratio if you plan on using it regularly.

Trusted Salt Lake City RV Rental Agency

As staples in our community, we ensure our customers receive the very best rental vehicles and service. Our success is because of you, and we know this to be the case.

In addition to incredible RV rentals, we also rent cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans to customers and production companies in the SLC area. For more details about any of our services and rental options, including airport car rental delivery and shuttle services, contact us at (801) 266-7368 to speak with one of our friendly and professional rental agents.