3 Advantages of Renting an SUV for Your Next Trip to Salt Lake City

While SUV rentals can often be more expensive to rent than minivans or trucks, there are many advantages to driving an SUV over a smaller vehicle. Comfort, style, and space can all be experienced in a rental SUV from Affordable Rent-A-Car and Sales. When planning your next family vacation, organizing travel to an out-of-state business conference, or hosting family from out-of-town, consider the following reasons for choosing a spacious and stylish SUV rental. 

Advantages of Renting an SUV in Salt Lake City

1. Tons of Space

One of the most straightforward advantages of renting an SUV over a car is, of course, space. Not only is there plenty of storage space for luggage, equipment, and more, but there’s also room for several passengers. If you have a smaller group, you can opt for one of our compact SUVs. They offer room for up to five passengers with full trunk space, and come at an affordable rate.

2. Comfortable Ride

Because our full-size SUVs are larger than our compact SUVs, they offer even more space and storage. This translates into a smooth, comfortable ride for all passengers. Our full-size SUVs can seat up to seven people, which is perfect for larger groups traveling together. If you have a smaller group but want more legroom, our standard SUVs can offer a relaxing and pleasant ride for all.

3. Luxury & Style

When you want to experience a luxurious weekend getaway or treat your guests to an unforgettable experience, one of our premium SUVs is your best option for stylish traveling. With plush seating, modern amenities, and room for up to eight passengers, you can treat yourself and your passengers to a classy and upscale adventure. Plus, there’s ample room for luggage, shopping bags, and more.

Reserve an SUV Today

When you need a large, comfortable, and affordable rental vehicle, choose one of the well-maintained SUV rentals from Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales. Make a reservation online, or contact us at (801) 266-7368 today for your quote. We also rent compact cars, midsize cars, minivans, cargo vans, and trucks from our North Temple location in Salt Lake City.


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