3 Budget-Friendly Car Rental Tips

Are you planning a personal or business trip to the Park City area and would like to keep to a budget as much as possible? While prices and benefits vary between car rental companies, it is possible to rent a vehicle and also save money in the process. Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales offers three recommendations for renting a quality vehicle while saving on your pocketbook too. 

3 Budget-Friendly Car Rental Tips

1. Compare Prices

It never hurts to shop around when looking for car rentals. Not only will you want to check the rental prices, but you’ll also want to keep in mind any required fees, insurance costs, or extra amenities that may be included with the rental. At Affordable, we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the Park City area. It may be difficult to find another rental company that offers the same low prices and excellent customer service that we do.

2. Consider a Smaller Vehicle

Many rental car companies offer a wide range of car categories for their customers’ convenience. Here at Affordable, we have several different types of cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks on our lot. If you wish to keep more money in your wallet and you’re traveling in a group of four or less, consider renting one of our compact or mid-size cars. While there may not be as much space as our compact SUVs or standard cars, you will definitely see some savings in your bank account.

3. Check Your Personal Auto Insurance

Rental car insurance may or may not be a necessary expense. It depends on what your personal auto insurance policy covers and what the car rental company requires for insurance purposes. With Affordable, if your personal auto insurance policy covers rental vehicles and you have comprehensive and collision damage coverage, you are not required to add any additional insurance for the duration of your rental. 

Family-Owned & Operated

At Affordable, we want to do our part to make your personal or business trip as smooth and easy as possible. This is why we offer clean and well-maintained vehicles at affordable prices. Reserve a vehicle online or call us today at (801) 266-7368. Along with our car rentals, we also have premium SUV rentals, minivan rentals, and production rentals.

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