The Natural History Museum of Utah

If you’re traveling to the Salt Lake City area and are looking for local attractions, we at Affordable Rent-A-Car and Sales urge you to consider spending a day or afternoon at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The museum is located in the foothills Salt Lake City, an easy car rental drive from anywhere in the SLC area.

Just what does the Natural History Museum of Utah have to offer? Here are a few of the main points of interest.

New Home

The Natural History Museum of Utah just opened its doors to its beautiful new home—the Rio Tinto Center. The building is phenomenal and the surrounding scenery is fantastic. You’ll definitely enjoy your surroundings and the drive in your car rental.


You can find many different exhibits at the museum, including permanent collections about the people, land, and history of Utah. The museum also hosts special exhibits which stick around for a set period of time. Current exhibits include “The Horse” and “Utah Wilderness 50,” the latter of which includes 50 photographs that capture the Utah landscape and nature of the Utah Wilderness Act of 1964.

Trail Access

The site of the new Rio Tinto Center, home of Utah’s Natural History Museum, was carefully selected for its proximity to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. You can take advantage of this trail by just stepping out of the museum. For full details on the 100 miles of existing Bonneville Shoreline Trail (and proposed additions), check out the Bonneville Shoreline Trail website.


Whether you’re hiking the Bonneville Shoreline Trail or visiting the museum, you can enjoy a bite to eat at the café. The Museum Café features breakfast, lunch, and specialty coffee items. The café prides itself on supporting Salt Lake City businesses and vendors in what it sells, carefully selecting healthy and organic foods.

You’ll want to check out the Natural History Museum of Utah’s website for more information on exhibits, admission, and other details to plan your visit. The Natural History Museum of Utah is open daily, so you can work your visit around other plans you might have in Salt Lake City.

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