3 Circumstances When a Minivan Rental Can Be the Ideal Choice

If you’re tired of taking summer vacations in a cramped vehicle or need to fit more people in your car than it allows, you need to check out the affordable minivan rentals from Affordable Rent-A-Car and Sales. Whether it’s an upcoming summer vacation, a necessary insurance replacement, or an exciting sports competition, our minivans provide the space and comfort necessary for transporting several passengers.

3 Circumstances When a Minivan Rental Can Be the Ideal Choice

1. Summer Vacation

If you’re taking extended family or friends of your children on vacation with you, a minivan rental can offer the extra space you need. Everyone attending the vacation can have plenty of legroom and comfortable seating while enjoying an exciting road trip. A minivan rental also offers storage in the back for luggage, coolers, and other items.

2. Insurance Replacement

When your personal minivan is in the shop, there’s no reason to go without a vehicle. You still have to run errands, drop off and pick up children from school, and drive to work and back home again. Rent one of our minivans to use while yours is getting repaired. We offer affordable rates and clean, well-maintained vehicles that will more than meet your needs for transportation and cargo space.

3. Sports Team Carpool

Rather than taking several different vehicles to the next sports competition, rent a minivan instead. Our minivans can seat up to seven people, and they have full trunk capacity for all your sports equipment. Not only will you save time trying to make sure everyone is following the lead vehicle, but the team and parents will also have a more comfortable and peaceful ride with all the extra space a minivan provides.

Reserve a Minivan Rental Today

The team at Affordable Rent-A-Car is more than happy to help you find the best vehicle for your car rental needs. Along with our minivans, we also rent compact SUVs, standard SUVs, premium SUVs, passenger vans, cargo vans, and several different rental car options throughout the Salt Lake City area. Call us at (801) 266-7368 or make a reservation online today.


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