4 Summer Travel Tips for Your Next Road Trip Experience

Whether you’re taking a summer vacation with family or friends, or booking a passenger van rental for your next corporate retreat, the team at Affordable-Rent-A-Car & Sales wants you to make the most of your road trip experience. Keep these four travel tips in mind when riding the roads this summer.

4 Summer Travel Tips for Your Next Road Trip Experience

1. Drink Water

When we travel, we often get so focused on getting to or enjoying the final destination that we set aside some basic self-care habits, like drinking water. Our 12-passenger van rentals have plenty of room to pack a cooler filled with water bottles, sports drinks, or juice boxes to keep you and your passengers hydrated. 

2. Pack Snacks

While you’re packing your cooler full of drinks, don’t forget about the snacks. You can expect delays while driving on main roads or interstate highways. Having snacks available will help stave off any hungry kids or adults, while you wait out any traffic backups. 

3. Apply Sunblock

Sunblock is an essential item to pack for any kind of summer travel. Be sure to keep a large bottle in your 15-passenger rental van as well as a smaller travel-size one to carry in your bag or purse. Always apply sunblock in the morning and then reapply as needed throughout the day. It’s best to be diligent about this, as you won’t notice a sunburn until it’s too late.

4. Pack Hand Sanitizer

Before the days of COVID-19, we didn’t think much about hand sanitizer. It’s always a good idea, whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic or not, to carry hand sanitizer or hand-cleansing wipes. When you’re traveling, you don’t always have access to soap and water. Having a travel-size hand sanitizer for your purse and a larger one for the passenger van rental makes it much easier to keep everyone germ-free.

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