Utah Olympic Park: Things to Do & See

Visitors to Salt Lake City, UT would be remiss to be in the area and not stop by the Utah Olympic Park. This site of the 2002 Winter Olympics is rich with not only historical significance but also activities you don’t want to miss. We at Affordable Rent-A-Car and Sales highly recommend that you rent a car and check out some of the following Utah Olympic Park activities.

Utah Olympic Park

1. Guided Tours

Great for all ages, the Utah Olympic Park’s guided tours offer you a glimpse into the 2002 Olympics. You get a “backstage pass” to see how the park functioned during the Olympics and a unique look at life for an Olympian. Guided tours cost $10 per person.

2. Climbing Wall

Try your hand at rock climbing on the climbing wall. Test your strength and see how far you can climb! This experience is for ages 7 and older and costs $20 for adults and $15 for kids ages 7 to 12.

3. Bobsled Experience

Want to get the real bobsled experience? The Summer Comet Bobsled is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss! Get a feel for what an Olympic bobsled run is really like! This attraction is available for individuals at least 13 years old and weighing more than 100 pounds. The cost is $75 per person.

4. Zip Line

Many Utah guests have raved about the Extreme Zip experience at the Utah Olympic Park, allowing visitors to feel what it might be like to be a ski jumper. You can also take advantage of the Freestyle Zip for more zip line fun. Expect to pay $20 per person for the Extreme Zip and $15 per person for the Freestyle Zip.

5. Shows

Be sure to also check the Utah Olympic Park events calendar for special presentations and shows. You may be able to see professional athletes in action! Show rates vary based on age and event.

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photo credit: Summer Ski Jumping via photopin (license)

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