What Type of Truck Should I Rent for My Move?

When you’re relocating to a new office or moving from your apartment to a new house, you need a reliable vehicle that can safely move your belongings. You may be wondering which type of truck is best for your move: a box truck or a pick-up truck? At Affordable-Rent-A-Car and Sales, we can help you choose the right vehicle rental for your specific situation. Asking yourself these three questions will also help you decide which truck rental is best for you.

What Type of Truck Should I Rent for My Move?

Am I Comfortable Driving a Moving Truck?

Before you rent any type of truck, you need to be sure you are comfortable driving it. Some people feel more confident driving a pick-up truck over a large box truck. Choosing a pick-up could result in more trips between your new location and the old one. Even so, safety is always the priority when it comes to driving an unfamiliar vehicle. 

What Is My Rental Budget?

While daily and weekly rental rates are different depending on the vehicle, smaller vehicles are typically cheaper to rent than larger ones. If you need to watch your budget, a pick-up truck rental may be the best option for you. Plus, pick-up trucks use less gas than moving trucks, so you will also be saving money at the gas station too.

What Items Need to Be Moved?

The #1 thing that will determine what type of truck to rent when moving will be the items that need to be relocated. If you have smaller furniture and appliances, along with several boxes, a pick-up truck will work just fine. Again, you may be taking more trips between buildings but at least you will save on the rental fee and may feel more comfortable driving a pick-up. If you have large pieces of furniture or heavy-duty appliances, a box moving truck may be the better choice.

Reserve a Pick-Up Truck Today

If you’re still not sure which truck is right for you, contact us today at (801) 266-7368. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs, and recommend the best option for your circumstances. You can also conveniently reserve a truck, compact car, standard car, luxury car, cargo van, minivan, or standard SUV through our online portal. We gladly serve the North Temple area in Salt Lake City and all of the surrounding communities.

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