Should I Rent a 12- or 15-Passenger Van?

If you’re planning a road trip that requires plenty of space for both people and cargo, one of the passenger van rentals from Affordable Rent-A-Car and Sales is the perfect option. Our 12- and 15-passenger rental vans can be configured to fit a smaller group with extra storage space or a larger group that isn’t traveling with a lot of luggage. Whatever your transportation requirements, give us a call and we’ll help you choose the right passenger van for your specific needs.

Should I Rent a 12- or 15-Passenger Van?

How Many Seats Do You Need?

When you call us to ask about our passenger van rentals, the first question we’ll ask is how many people are in your party. We can fit 12 – 15 people, including the driver, in our passenger vans. If you have fewer than 12 people in your group, that doesn’t mean you can’t rent one of our spacious vans. Many people, like production companies, touring bands, or camping families, like renting our vans because of the extra space they provide for equipment or gear. If you only have eight people in your group but quite a bit of luggage or cargo, our passenger vans are a great choice.

Do You Need More Passenger Space or Luggage Space?

Another question we may ask will have to do with the type of space you need. Do you need more space for passengers or more space for luggage and equipment? With both of our passenger vans, we can remove the last row of seats to give you extra room for cargo, suitcases, and more. The last row of seats in our 15-passenger van runs right up to the back door, but in our 12-passenger vans, there is an area for cargo between the back door and the last row of seats. If we take out the last row of seats in both vans, the 12-passenger rental will actually have more room than our 15-passenger rental.

Stress-Free Passenger Van Rentals

Call us today at (801) 266-7368 to reserve a passenger van, minivan, full-size car, standard SUV, or any of our reliable rentals. We gladly serve Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and all nearby areas with our dependable and well-maintained rental vehicles.

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