Supporting the Film Industry with Our Production Rentals

Are you looking for reliable cargo vans to transport equipment and supplies to and from filming locations? Perhaps you need an affordable rental car or two as personal vehicles for crew members. Whatever your rental vehicle needs are in the Salt Lake City area, Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales has you covered. We have years of experience serving the film industry with a wide range of vehicles for television shows, film productions, independent movies, national commercials, and more. Keep reading to learn how we can support your endeavors with our production rentals.

Supporting the Film Industry with Our Production Rentals

Move Valuable Equipment & Supplies

Our cargo vans and minivans offer plenty of space and secure storage for transporting film equipment, costumes, props, and more. If you have large boxes or awkward equipment to handle, our cargo vans provide the space you need to maneuver equipment in and out as needed. Hang costumes or pack hair and make-up supplies in our minivans and use them as mobile studios for getting cast members ready for their next shoot.

Transport Leading Talent & Producers

Are executive producers planning a visit to the set? Does your movie feature well-known actors or musical artists? Show them VIP treatment with our luxury rental cars or premium SUVs. Not only do our luxury car rentals make a fabulous first impression but they will keep your high-value members quite comfortable. If you have a small group of leading guests to entertain, one of our premium SUVs is sure to impress.

Temporarily House Crew & Cast

In addition to rental vehicles, Affordable Rent-A-Car And Sales also has RV rentals that are perfect for staff and crew to rest, relax, and recharge. Our RVs can be used in a number of different ways — as staff and crew lounges, dressing rooms and makeup studios, or individual trailers for leading cast members. We understand that each film production has its own unique needs and are more than happy to recommend the right RV for your specific production. 

Comfortable & Budget-Friendly Production Rentals

Contact us today at (801) 266-7368 to reserve one or more of our production rental vehicles. We have several vehicles in our rental inventory, including standard cars, minivans, compact SUVs, and airport rentals

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